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  • to learn more about running a great VA Business

  • to meet more Aussie VAs and build your community

  • to learn from Australia's own successful Virtual Assistants

  • to feel part of a strong, vibrant and supportive community

  • to have access to hot leads

  • to keep learning via regular webinars

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The all important benefits

Be stronger, more confident and more skilled by accessing the VYVA network


Access to our private Facebook and Discord communities which is second to none - incredible knowledge, support and friendships are shared in this group. It's amazing!

And honestly, THIS is where the magic happens. This is where you build your tribe, you can end up getting work with each other and learn from each other.


Access to regular webinars with special guest speakers teaching you the latest, most relevant business information!

Plus access to our huge library of recordings!

Stay Informed!


Keep learning by checking out the weekly lives hosted by Rosie in our private FB group. These sessions provide insights and tips into many of the issues VAs face when launching, growing and maintaining their businesses.


Our co-working days are one of the favourite activities of our members. Here's a fun day to get heaps of things done AND have a laugh and connect at the same time. Run fortnightly for full days, these are an INCREDIBLE addition to your productivity plan.


Our coffee catch ups are sometimes a group mentoring session, sometimes a learning session and often a huge laugh session where we get to know each other, building our all-important connections.


Be listed in one of the most popular VA Directories and GET FOUND.
Many of our members get direct leads through the directory. Our directory gets a LOT of hits each and every day.


Access to HOT LEADS.

Leads come from business owners around Australia looking for various support services from awesome Aussie VAs*

*Please don't join if you are only planning on accessing leads and not participating in our community.


PLUS we will send you your own eBook version of the VA Startup Book, VA VA Voom.

PLUS you'll get a copy of our incredible

How to respond to jobleads eBook which will hugely impact your standard of joblead responses.


Sarah Wooden

Rosie has created the most incredible community network for Virtual Assistants and it is so incredibly important! This space has been a safe place to talk about business struggles, navigating tricky c... ...more


November 30, 20231 min read

Sarah Wooden

Paula Wynyard

Just wanted to say a massive 'Thank You' for all the hard work and effort you put into the network and supporting us VAs. You are an amazing woman, you just keep on giving and giving, and I for one kn... ...more


August 09, 20230 min read

Paula Wynyard

Fleur Gowland

Virtually Yours has been such an amazing support. Rosie is always there to answer a question or to have a laugh. The facebook/discord group means that I have access to a wide variety of intelligent be... ...more


May 15, 20220 min read

Fleur Gowland

Korryn Haines

Virtually Yours is my absolute go to for support both for on my business and in my business. Virtually Yours is a highly skilled and incredibly supportive community of Australian virtual assistants wh... ...more


March 03, 20200 min read

Korryn Haines

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most commonly asked questions

Will I get jobs?

Yes - available to you when available to us.

Clients will submit jobleads through our online system which will be emailed to you. It is then up to you to contact the client via return email and submit your proposal, discuss the job and discuss your rates. We ask that you only apply for jobs that you are qualified for and have time to do.

There is also no guarantee on jobleads. Although Rosie works tirelessly behind the scenes to promote VYVA and bring in the jobleads, ultimately the final decision on the VA who secures the job is up to the business owner. We have no influence in this decision making. It’s up to you to ‘wow’ them and stand out from your fellow VAs.

We also recommend members encourage clients they cannot support to submit a request to our joblead board - share the love with your peers and you'll find they do the same in return.

We DO NOT recommend you join just for jobleads - we expect all members to participate in our community so we can get to know, like and trust you.

Is it just for new VAs or can experienced VAs join?

The more the merrier.

This network is for ALL Australian VAs. Running a virtual business can be lonely so all VAs need support from time to time. We aim our training at all levels of experience. Besides, it’s awesome having the experienced VAs helping the newer VAs on the network.

How do I get access to Rosie’s Mentoring?

Private mentoring sessions are available with Rosie. Her mentoring is amazing if you need help to find your direction, find your ideal client, set up your processes and make sure you’re doing it all right from the start.

Is there enough work in the VA Industry?

You may be wondering whether there is enough work for everyone in the Aussie VA Industry. There is.

Every day the need grows.

The need for quality VAs providing excellent business services across a huge range of service areas.

Do I have to join the FB and Discord groups?

Yes we ask that you join at least one, and allow us to get to know you - the connections and advice there are invaluable and you won't miss out on any important updates. Plus, VYVA cannot vouch for you unless we know you.

Will I get training?

You'll have access to the many bright minds within the group and also our regular webinars, however if you want specific VA training I recommend you consider our Stellar VA Course which is not included in membership. However, 6 months membership IS included with a Stellar Course enrolment.  

Do you offer refunds?

I'm sorry but we do not. If you are wanting to taste-test the network I recommend you subscribe to a monthly subscription.

If it's not for you, you can cancel anytime. We ask that you cancel 1 week prior to your renewal date to ensure you don't lose access too early. You can complete this form here to start the process.

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Are you joining and NOT planning on participating in our community? Are you planning on just checking out the jobleads and ignoring the other benefits? If so, please don't join. All members are required to build the know, like and trust factors with us if they want access to leads.


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